Heartland Restaurant Spotlight: Caller ID

Create a seamless guest experience! Integrated caller ID ordering can cut the time it takes to complete a phone order in half because the cashier doesn’t need to spend time asking for the caller’s information for every delivery order.

Connect your restaurant phone system to Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale’s customer database to know who is calling your restaurant to place an order. When a call comes in, your POS device will automatically pull up the customer profile associated with the phone number.

  • Significantly reduce phone order times
  • Quickly reorder items from customer order history
  • Customer address information is saved automatically

Faster service translates to more repeat business.This is a great feature for any Quick Service Restaurant. Chicago POS Systems is constantly adding new features to make it work better for your business. If you own or manage a restaurant, this functionality will help improve your customer experience and help you maintain an organized customer database. Give it a try today!