FREE Online Ordering POS For 90-Days


With the current challenges restaurants are facing, it’s important we as a community pull together quickly. We know your business – like ours – is all about doing your best to serve your customers. We’ve put together a “rapid response” program to help you keep serving your guests in a way they’re comfortable with, and for you to keep generating revenue.

Chicago POS Systems & Heartland are making Heartland Restaurant Online Ordering available for free to restaurateurs for the next 90 days – with no obligation to continue beyond that point. Chicago POS will help you set up a basic online ordering menu, and all you need is an iPad to receive the orders in your restaurant. Orders are processed by Heartland Payments. Standard credit card processing rates apply.  Your free Online Ordering website will be branded with your logo and color scheme when you supply us with your logo.

Even if you are not a traditional take-out restaurant, or never offered curbside or delivery before, consider if this opportunity makes sense for your business. Online ordering for carry out, curbside, and delivery is more important now than ever.

  • What’s the catch? 

There is no catch. We will provide Heartland Restaurant Online Ordering, Text Messaging, and Delivery Order Driver Management FREE for or 90 days with no software or hosting costs, and no obligation to continue past that point. There are no cancelation fees, no obligations, and no purchase required. The service will automatically discontinue after 90 days.

  • How does my menu get set up?

We program up to 25 core menu items & modifiers at no charge. We do this for quick rollout, to avoid programming charges, and to help you offer a streamlined menu. (But if you want more, we can arrange to help you plan and program it. A reasonable programming fee will apply.)

  • Will this work with Aloha, Micros, Digital Dining, Dinerware, etc?   

Under this plan, this is a freestanding Online Ordering Solution. It does not integrate with your existing POS. You will receive OLO orders on the iPad, then ring them into your main POS to print kitchen tickets and for accounting if you chose to do this.

  • What equipment is required?

You provide (1) iPad to run the software, and you connect it to your WiFi at the restaurant. Other POS hardware is not needed or included. Android is not supported.

  • How do customers pay?

Online orders require your customers to checkout and pay by credit card, then orders appear in the restaurant on the iPad.

  • What if I don’t want to switch to Heartland processing?  

You ARE NOT required to change processing on your current POS. During this promotion, only the orders from your free Heartland Restaurant Online Ordering website are processed by Heartland Payments. Standard processing rates apply.

  • What if I want to more features, POS stations, KDS, etc? 

The goal of this plan is to get online ordering and delivery capabilities to you quickly and for free. You will have free access to the Heartland Restaurant Cloud Managed POS System, including 1 POS License, text messaging and the Cloud Managed Admin Portal, so you can explore the functionality. (Our standard POS setup & training is not included as part of this plan.) For more functionality, you will need to purchase a complete POS system.

  • Why is text messaging included in the free promotion? 

Heartland Restaurant  can do many things older pos systems can’t do. In this case:
it can send a text message to a customer when their carry out order is ready. To practice social distancing, they can wait in their car until they receive the “order ready” text.
If you decide to take advantage of the free built in Delivery Order Driver Dispatch Mapping system, when an order is assigned to a driver, they automatically receive a text message with the order address information for quick and easy mapping & routing.

  • What happens at the end of the 90 days?

    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​You will be messaged when 30 days remain and 15 days remain.
    • On the final day a message will be sent stating that if you don’t convert the account to a standard plan, it will be deactivated in 7 days.
    • 60 days following the end of the trial period, all account information will be removed.
    • You can elect to convert to full POS and add capabilities at any time. A proposal will be provided upon request.


  • What is the turnaround time to activate the free 90 day promotion?  

We’re receiving a large response and demand for this offer, so our best answer is: We will work with you to roll it out as soon as possible. Typically a few days, but that can change at any time.

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On our side, we’re taking steps to make sure we continue providing you with the reliable service you expect every day. We’re still here to support your business:
  • Our support helpdesk is available
  • Onsite emergency support service is available
At the same time, the safety of our employees, customers, and community is a top priority. That’s why we’re making the following adjustments:


  • Making sure our employees who are able to work from home get the tools they need to do so
  • Reinforcing rigorous cleaning and sanitization procedures
  • Suspending non-essential travel, internal meetings, and functions to reduce transmission risks
We’ll continue monitoring the situation, make adjustments if needed, and share updates with you. If you have questions, need additional information, or just want to pass on a comment, feel free to reach out to us.