Heartland Dinerware

Heartland Dinerware: The Only Restaurant POS Solution You’ll Ever Need

We want our restaurant clients to have every competitive advantage, that’s why we offer Heartland Dinerware restaurant point of sale (POS) software. Dinerware helps 35,000 restaurants around the world to operate successfully and profitably. It’s designed by restaurateurs for restaurateurs, so it includes just the features you need to increase efficiency while providing the types of dining experiences that will convert your guests into loyal customers. It is truly the only restaurant point of sale solution you’ll ever need.

Modern technology. Easy to use interface design. Graceful handling of peak business hours.

Heartland Dinerware POS software is a proven solution that is easy-to-use, cost-effective, and scalable to your business needs. Offering exactly the right feature set for small to midsize restaurants, quick serve and fast-casual cafes, bars and nightclubs, Dinerware allows you to focus on the customer, not managing technology. Dinerware delivers the reliability your business depends on, while allowing you the flexibility to customize the solution to meet your business needs.

Heartland Dinerware

Heartland Dinerware

Produce ROI and promote business success

  • Gain deep visibility into your operations to closely monitor spending, control costs, and make data-based purchasing and pricing decisions.
  • Our system enables you to generate a variety of detailed reports to oversee schedules, control, inventory, and monitor sales.
  • Choose the features your business needs and easily scale to stay ahead of the competition or meet new industry challenges.
  • Give customers the ability to order just the way they want — and ensure placing orders is quick and accurate.
  • Maintain visibility into your business and visualize data with charts and graphs on the dashboard and schedule reports to be mailed automatically.

The right point of sale (POS) system will help grow your business, while also saving you time and money.

Added Value

Customer Smart Search

With Dinerware POS, your employees will have an array of features at their fingertips that help them get the job done productively, profitably, and with exceptional customer service. Use the Customer Smart Search feature to look up any customer and view a menu of their favorite items. Your customers will delight in the ability of your team to recall and order their favorites instantly. Explore how Dinerware’s features meet the customized needs of your restaurant today.

Heartland Dinerware POS

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The right point of sale (POS) system will help grow your business, while also saving you time and money.